This is how we do it!

A series of steps designed for every individual learner leading to a high quality learner-determined, hybrid, accredited high-school education, that is anchored in a liberal education.

Begin with Dream Mapping

10 hours of capturing learner's and parent's dreams and aspirations

Receive a pathway recommendation

Subjects, mentorships, expert interactions, coaching... everything possible is recommended

Accept Individualised Schedule

A calendar for every learner is proposed, agreed to, and developed

Begin Pathways Program

Rigorous, planned in great detail, the Transformative Pathways Program commences


Dream Mapping

Dreams are mapped

Step 2

Pathway Recommended

Next steps here

Step 3


Description of step 3

Step 4

Step 4 TITLE

Step 4 description

Beyond 8

Beyond 8 provides transformative pathways for high school learners to pursue the best collegiate liberal education in India & abroad.

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