Inauguration of Beyond 8's Home Centre

Bengaluru Home Centre

Situated in bustling Koramangala, nestled in greenery, our Bengaluru Home Centre is a recent addition to our ecosystem. Learning Can Happen Anywhere! Education and learning don’t need to be contained within the four walls of a school. To this end, our learners have had lessons all over the city!

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Photos of our learners at Chennai Home Centre

Chennai Home Centre - Muttukadu

We believe that education can happen anywhere. It is with this belief that we chose the space in Muttukadu to be our home centre – where we are close to nature, and have access to infrastructure that further enables learning. Our learners gather at Muttukadu every Friday for classes and various co-curricular and extracurricular activities, such as PE, Samvada, 8I and theatre workshops, among many others.

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Photos of our learners at Chennai Academic Centre

Chennai Academic Centre - Palavakkam

Enabling hybrid learning, we have in-person classes for our Chennai learners at the Palavakkam centre on two days of the week, with the third in-person day at Muttukadu.

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Photos of our learners at Progression Day

Progression Day 2022

On Jun 17, 2022, our first cohort of learners moved on from our ecosystem. In true Beyond 8 fashion, the event was planned and executed from start to finish by grade 11 learners, with facilitators supporting them.

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Photos of our learners during IDP Temple Visit

IDP - Temple Visit - Feb 2022

Learning can happen anywhere. To this end, Prathik Murali, our History facilitator, conducted a temple walk in Mylapore with some of our learners.

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Photos of our learners at Be You event.

Be You

The learners were encouraged and enabled to put their best foot forward and showcase their talents in their own, distinctive way!

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