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Beyond 8

We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

The future of education

is here.

Interests and passions needn't wait. Learners, get ready.

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Liberal education in grades 9-12


Are you curious, creative, collaborative and interested in a variety of things? Then your learning must be highly personalised too.

  • Be a part of our learner pods (groups of learners) with varied interests.
  • Be coached by subject matter experts for your exams in dynamic settings.
  • Gain exposure by learning from industry experts and thought-leaders.
  • Learn science, humanities, commerce, math, arts, or tech from the best.

How do we personalise learning?

Learning is fun and customisable


Our learners determine what they learn, how they wish to learn, and when they wish to learn. We offer numerous ways to master examination taking as well as learning about their own interests and passions in deep and engaging ways.
Our learning programs resemble the real world of learning, where there is flexibility, self-determination, along with fun and excitement. Our high school and post high-school (Bridge Program) are both dynamic and entirely customisable, enabling each learner to build a flexible learn journey that is designed with THEIR inputs and to suit THEIR needs.

25 years of innovation and leadership

Beyond 8 is a result of over 25 years of research and experimentation at Headstart Learning Centre, Chennai. Co-Founded by educationalists Raaji Naveen & Naveen Mahesh with a singular focus on re-imagining the learning environment for children, Beyond 8 is the future of education.

Beyond 8 Philosophy


Anita Menon - Parent
Basu Shanker - Coach
Abhay Menon - Student
Dinesh Karthik - cricketer
Sridharan Sriram - Coach
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Anita Menon is Abhay’s mom. In this video, she shares Abhay’s journey balancing between his passion for sports and his education.
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Basu Shanker is the Fitness Coach of Ryoal Challengers, Bangalore, led by Virat Kohli. He talks about what Beyond 8 can do for your children, be their interest in cricket or mathematics!
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Abhay is our Alumni from Beyond 8 @ HLC. He is an athlete and a basketballer with high proficiency in academics. In this video, Abhay shares his experience at Beyond 8 and how it helped him to balance between academics and his passion. He currently studies at NYU with full scholarship.
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Dinesh Karthik talks about Beyond 8. He also speaks about how Beyond 8 works for children, in finding their passions!
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Sridharan Sriram, former Indian player and the Spin Coach of the Australian Cricket team talks about Beyond 8 and its importance for learners with passions.


Peter Block, the author of 'Community', categorises people into 2 groups: 'producers / citizens', and 'consumers'.

Citizens produce the future; they do not wait, beg, or dream for the future in hope. Consumers, on the other hand, give power away and believe that their own needs can be best satisfied by the actions of others (from elected officials and school curricula to shopping malls).

Beyond 8 is looking for learners who are passionate, empathetic, creative, collaborative, innovative citizens to produce the future. Get in touch with us on WhatsApp at +91 9962601715 or write to us at contact at beyond8.in today to embark on your journey of lifelong learning.




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We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

Beyond 8


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