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Beyond 8

We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

We are the
to schooling

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India's first learner centric system


At Beyond 8, we believe that every child is unique and interested in a variety of things. Every child needs an education that recognizes this and enables them to explore their interests and not lose themselves in a batch.
Beyond 8 anchors the interests and pursuits of young adults and enable them to develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills required to thrive in the 21st century through our programs:

  1. High School – a highly personalized grades 9 - 12
  2. Bridge Program –to discover passions before entering college
  3. Dream Mapping - personal futures planning for high-school students
  4. Science Around - a network of science experience centres

How do we enable your child's passion?

Children learn in dynamic bite-size chunks


Our learning modules lasting from 2 hours to 2 months to 2 years. They enable higher retention of knowledge, quicker application of skills, and the chance to fail faster. They’re also dynamic and entirely customisable, enabling your child to build a flexible learn journey that works for them.

Meet our founders, hear our philosophy

Beyond 8 is a result of over 25 years of research and experimentation at Headstart Learning Centre. Co-Founded by educationalists Raaji Naveen & Naveen Mahesh with a singular focus on re-imagining the learning environment for children, Beyond 8 is an alternative to schooling.

Beyond 8 Philosophy


Anita Menon - Parent
Basu Shanker - Coach
Abhay Menon - Student
Dinesh Karthik - cricketer
Sridharan Sriram - Coach
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Anita Menon is Abhay’s mom. In this video, she shares Abhay’s journey balancing between his passion for sports and a school.
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Basu Shanker is the coach of Virat Kohli's. He talks what Beyond8 can do to your child and puts a request forward to the parents out there!
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Abhay is our Alumni from Beyond 8 @ HLC. He is an athlete and a basketballer with high proficiency in academics. In this video, Abhay shares his experience at Beyond 8 and how it helped him to balance between academics and his passion.
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Dinesh Karthik talks about Beyond8. Also tells us how Beyond8 works for children to follow their passion!
Beyond 8 Philosophy
Sridharan Sriram former Indian player and a coach of our Indian team talks about Beyond8 and its importance which he came to know from Basu Shanker.

Is Beyond 8 for you?

Beyond 8 is not everyone. It is tailor made to suit children who wish to pursue their passions, unhindered. If you want to know if this is right for your child, answer these questions and if you think if this is right for you and your child - request for a free counselling session with our expert learning facilitators.

Is this for you?


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We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

Beyond 8


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