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Enrol now, in Bangalore (Koramangala) or in Chennai (Palavakkam and Muthukadu) if you seek a full time high school education that is learner determined, accredited, hybrid, anchored in a liberal education and designed and led by the founders of India's first Ashoka Changemaker School.

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CAIE Accredited

Beyond 8 is a Cambridge Associate

As a Cambridge Associate, Beyond 8 will deliver Cambridge assessments to students, ensuring that they are conducted according to Cambridge's standards and that the results are reported accurately.

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Parent Voices

Vinod Chandramouli

I am learning more as a parent than my son at Beyond 8

Bhupinder Singh

My daughter's enthusiasm tells me she is on the right track

Gomathi Ramshankar

I have discovered so much about my daughter through Beyond 8

Nandita Balaji

My daughter is happy expressive and most importantly, doesn't hate school


Beyond 8 has liberated my child

Malini Iyer

This has become a safe space for both my children to express their deepest feelings


My daughter is full of life; to us, this is a positive sign

Download Our Full Time High School Liberal Education

Download Our Full Time High School Liberal Education

Bogged down by questions like why, what, how or when to enrol your teenager in Beyond 8? Find answers to all your questions in our transformative pathways for liberal education brochure.

Why Liberal Education?

Beyond 8 is anchored in a Liberal Education because it is a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with broad knowledge, transferable skills, strong sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement - characterised by challenging encounters with important issues. Liberal Education is more a way of studying than a specific course or field of study and we believe it is vital for today's high schoolers.

A Proven and Evidence-Based Education

From Professors at Harvard Graduate School of Education who reviewed our entire program to Deans at some of the best liberal education institutions in the world, the evidence-based, hybrid, full-time high school education we offer is recognised as a powerful alternative to conventional school systems.

Christopher D. Lynch, Ph.D (Director Windsor School)

I commend your approach throughout the pandemic. Your accomplishments during these trying times should be recognized. When many programs were forced to stop providing their instruction, you rose to the occasion and built a program. You have proven to be thought leaders pivoting to meet the new challenges and ensuring continued access to your programmatic offerings. We were truly inspired by the staff of Beyond 8. You have demonstrated a learner-centered approach dedicated to fostering the success of your learners. This quote from a parent, “We now have hope that our son will live a fulfilling life”, speaks to the impact Beyond 8 is making in the world of education.

Dr. Kimberly Johnson (Harvard University)

Beyond 8 addresses the needs and wants of the students from a holistic perspective and provides opportunities for them to thrive in many areas - this is a program that I can see becoming a powerful tool to keep students engaged in continual learning processes.”

Laura M. Burgos (Harvard University)

Thank you for welcoming me into your life's work. I continue to be fascinated by the dream mapping process and how you leverage it to shape teaching, learning, and the relationships that are critical to connecting the two. The nature of this work reinforces the belief that every learner brings with them a wealth of prior life experiences and that no student is an empty vessel. I appreciate how you use such tools to affirm students' lived experiences. This is such an overlooked aspect of the learning experience and your work is redefining the power of one's journey in informing one's future trajectory.


Enrolment Open We onboard only a limited number of learners each year

MSA-CESS Accredited

Beyond 8 is accredited by MSA-CESS

The Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) is a worldwide leader in ensuring students receive the highest quality of education.Through accreditation, Beyond 8 meets the highest standards in the world, where students achievement is paramount.

Beyond 8 gallery

CAIE Exam Registration @ Beyond 8 is open now Beyond 8 is a Cambridge Associate with CAIE Number IA405

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25 Years of Innovation
& Leadership

Beyond 8 is a result of over 25 years of research and experimentation at HLC International, Chennai, co-founded by widely acclaimed and highly honoured educationalists Raaji Naveen & Naveen Mahesh.

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Beyond 8 provides transformative pathways for high school learners to pursue the best collegiate liberal education in India & abroad.

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