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Liberal Education

Beyond 8 provides transformative pathways for high school learners to pursue the best collegiate liberal education in India & abroad.

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Our facilitators and mentors put in a great deal of effort in creating personalised learning pathways for each of our learners. Therefore, we are able to accommodate only a limited number of learners every year. Apply early if you are considering enrolling in Beyond 8.

What is a Liberal Education?

Liberal Education has been described as a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with broad knowledge, transferable skills, strong sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement - characterised by challenging encounters with important issues. It is more a way of studying than a specific course or field of study.

Why should children pursue liberal education in high school:

Liberal education equips learners to develop a global outlook and gain the skills necessary to address real-world problems. More importantly, it is designed to help students develop them in a way that is unique to each one of them.

How can liberal education contribute to a fuller life and career:

Liberal education prepares learners for their futures and not our pasts. Learners who pursue a liberal education think critically and creatively, solve problems collaboratively, and arrive at well-considered and original solutions.

Parent Voices

Vinod Chandramouli

I am learning more as a parent than my son at Beyond 8

Bhupinder Singh

My daughter's enthusiasm tells me she is on the right track

Gomathi Ramshankar

I have discovered so much about my daughter through Beyond 8

Nandita Balaji

My daughter is happy expressive and most importantly, doesn't hate school


Beyond 8 has liberated my child

Malini Iyer

This has become a safe space for both my children to express their deepest feelings


My daughter is full of life; to us, this is a positive sign

MSA-CESS Accreditation

Beyond 8 is now accepted as a candidate by MSA-CESS

The Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) is a worldwide leader in ensuring students receive the highest quality of education.Through accreditation, Beyond 8 will meet the highest standards in the world, where students achievement is paramount.

Enrolment Open We onboard only a limited number of learners each year

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25 Years of Innovation
& Leadership

Beyond 8 is a result of over 25 years of research and experimentation at HLC International, Chennai, co-founded by educationalists Raaji Naveen & Naveen Mahesh.

Nudge Talks 2021

Learn. Ask. Share.

India’s first and largest conclave on heutagogical practices in the workplace! Brought to you in partnership with TiE Chennai and Beyond 8. This series is specially designed for the risk-takers, trailblazers, revolutionaries, entrepreneurs, Imagin8ers and anyone who yearns to bring their big ideas and dormant dreams to life.

Beyond 8

Beyond 8 provides transformative pathways for high school learners to pursue the best collegiate liberal education in India & abroad.

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