Beyond 8 is an alternative to conventional schools

Designed for motivated students that are looking for an education system that ensures they excel both in their interests and academic careers.

It provides time and academic support

Student Athletes need an education system that will allow them to balance their training, tournament and travel schedules with their academic goals and needs.


How, you ask? Well, it is...

Customised To Student

Supports Athletic Interests

Life Long Learning

Comparable Academics


Where is the need for an alternate education

For young adults to thrive, their education must anchor their interests and pursuits throughout their lives.



Abhay Menon

2019 Graduate

At Beyond 8, we are often encouraged to compete with ourselves. The confidence that I'll be able to make an impact in the world comes from the opportunities that were provided here - to excel and learn from setbacks. My time here has been extremely memorable and I would do it all over again, without changing a thing!


Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Harvard University Faculty

I have seen this project grow over this course - as you continue to challenge your own thinking - I also think that you are really on to something here - we often look for the opportunities to pour into the academic aspects without taking the other interests of students into consideration - this program addresses the needs and wants of the students from a holistic perspective and provides opportunities for them to thrive in many areas - this is a program that I can see becoming a powerful tool to keep students engaged in continual learning processes. I wish you luck with this important endeavor


Anita Nair


It would be unfair to just say that my son was 'allowed' to pursue his passion; rather, Beyond 8 encouraged him in every possible manner by not just being flexible with the time he spent learning his subjects, but also ensuring that he stayed on schedule and kept up the work assigned even when he had races and tournaments.

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