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Beyond 8 begins at Grade 9 and goes beyond Grade 12. Students will become eligible to enroll in Beyond 8 if they have completed Grade 8 in a school. We currently offer 4 offerings:

  • High school (Grade 8 to Grade 12)
  • One gap year program before entering college
  • Dream mapping for students before embarking on higher education
  • Science Experience Centers

Beyond 8 begins at Grade 9 and goes beyond Grade 12. Beyond 8 currently offers 4 years of high school education (Grade 9 to Grade 12) and a one-year bridge course for students who have completed grade 12 (gap year program).

At the core of our academic program is an individualized and personalized learning plan. Therefore we admit only 30 students across different age groups. Beyond 8 classrooms are based on vertical grouping and cohorts. In simple words, they mixed-age classrooms that nurture thinking, problem-solving skills and improve social competences. Our classrooms offer opportunities for learners to work with a wider circle of peers. It also enables the facilitator to understand each learner’s needs and strengths better.

We offer high school programs in IGCSE, NIOS & Advanced Placement.

  • IGCSE (for grades 9 & 10)
  • AS & A Levels (for grade 11 & 12)
  • NIOS ( for grades 9 - 12)
  • Advanced Placements (for grade 9 - 12)

Yes. Beyond 8 is designed to prepare students to lead a meaningful life and to prepare them for higher education beyond grade 12. Students who have completed grade 12 in Beyond 8 will have no problems getting admissions for higher education in Indian universities.

The future of education is here

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