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Why is homeschooling gaining popularity during the pandemic?


Aishwarya Muralidhar

Feb 08, 2021

Homeschooling has been a common practice around the world for decades, but it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the years. School closures during the pandemic have only catalysed this rise even further.

Schools were forced to adapt to a rapidly evolving learning landscape: Bustling classrooms have moved online in the span of a few months. It's safe to say that learning has never been so blended as it is in the new normal! But, with the uncertainty of schools reopening and fears over contracting Covid-19, parents have been taking a keen interest in alternative schooling options.

Homeschooling, in particular, stands out from the rest.

What is homeschooling?

why is homeschooling gaining popularity during the pandemic beyond 8 1

Homeschooling is not dependent on a school board or a particular curriculum. Instead, it’s learner-determined and student-centered, guided and supported by inputs from parents and mentors.

Homeschooling exposes children to a variety of subjects and topics that would otherwise not be covered in schools. For instance, classes on farming or financial literacy could be taught too. These skills, although not explicitly taught in school, are extremely useful to have.

Homeschooling allows topics such as these to be learnt and experienced at the comforts of your home.

What are the perks of homeschooling?

Homeschooling does away with the one size fits all approach of public and private schools. This ensures that your child is taught in a way that is tailored to their needs. But the benefits don’t end there! Let’s take a look at what they include:

  • Academic Flexibility : Wherever your child stands in terms of their learning capacity, homeschooling gives them the time and space they need to learn. You’re in charge of the pace.
  • Nurturing Family Environment : Learning at home gives your child a positive, loving environment where they can thrive.
  • Meaningful Learning : Without a test looming every few months, children are not learning for an exam. But to understand and broaden their minds. Redefine what learning means! No longer bound by grades, children have the perfect environment to thrive. You have the freedom to teach them to learn and think on their own!
  • Time to Pursue Interests : Be in charge of what your child learns and does. Homeschooling gives them the time to pursue any interest that they have a liking for.

Why is homeschooling on the rise?

The upward trend is due to a multitude of reasons. One of which, unsurprisingly, is the coronavirus itself. With schools and colleges slated to open soon, parents are concerned about safety. Tiding the pandemic at home seems to be a much safer option for many parents.

Increasing screen time and instability in school schedules are other concerning matters. Teachers and educators are doing the best they can with the resources at hand. But screen time and its consequent effects are a worry.

Economic hardship is another factor that is playing into this switch. A growing number has realised that teaching children at home might be the perfect solution.

Is homeschooling for everyone?

Would children benefit from being homeschooled? Yes. But would all families be able to do it? Probably not. Although homeschooling has its perks, it is not a feasible option for many. Juggling work and being in control of your child's education is a very tall ask.

One way of homeschooling is doing it all, and by yourself: Parents will be setting themselves up for the challenge of filling the shoes of a teacher who is well-versed in all subjects as well as a peer who goes through the learning journey with their children. An alternative approach that is quickly gaining popularity is to leave it to the experts: Have your child go through the NIOS curriculum at his/her own pace with a tutor who will prepare him/her for examinations as well. There’s also a huge bonus of social interaction with peers and mentors when homeschooling is done this way.


There is no right or wrong way of homeschooling. However each parent must assess their situations and decide what works for the entire family. For more information and resources on homeschooling in India, click here .

Reach out to us on to enquire how Beyond 8 can help you with your homeschooling needs.

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