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Did 2020 just help us fix our education system?


Mihika Shankar

Jan 05, 2021

Happy new year from all of us at Beyond 8 ! We have officially made it through one of the most life-altering years of the century and living to tell the tale. Looking back, 2020 held a magnifying glass to every aspect of our lives - warts and all. It pushed us out of the comfort zones of the status quo and forced us to explore newer ways of doing things.

Not too long ago, IT skills held a comfortable nice-to-have status but today, it has become an absolute necessity for people of all classes and ages to stay connected in the new normal. Extended screen time for children was seen as a threat but today, it is a widely accepted norm ushered in by remote learning.

Making change work in our favour

In the course of a year, the pandemic accentuated and amplified the need for a new way of life, some of which were long overdue in our opinion. Let’s face it: change of any kind is often a bitter pill to swallow, especially when coupled with distance and uncertainty. But for those of us who find value in retrospection, every passing year leaves us with a treasure trove of insights and learning to guide us into the future. Raaji Naveen and Naveen Mahesh, the co-founders of Beyond 8 share a few insights from the year gone by:

did 2020 just help us fix our education system beyond 8 1

did 2020 just help us fix our education system beyond 8 2

did 2020 just help us fix our education system beyond 8 3

It is our hope that this great awakening in the education fraternity will continue into the post-pandemic era and not recoil into its draconian ways once it is all over. We are presented with the priceless opportunity to innovate and re-imagine education, let us seize it and make the new year count.

What did the year 2020 teach you personally and professionally? How has it prepared you for the new year? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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The future of education is here

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