3 Things to keep in mind when pursuing a creative career

18 August 2021 — Written by Aishwarya Muralidhar

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Are you thinking of a career in a creative field? As a poet, an artist, perhaps a designer? While the sky’s the limit when it comes to career paths in creative spaces, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Aparna Vinod, the founder of The Craft Caravan, has always been creative. After studying film and communication, she held positions in multiple industries. This varied from corporate communication, journalism, and the film industry. So how did Aparna start The Craft Caravan? She felt inspired by the wonder her young child exuded and channeled it into the crafts!

Here’s what Aparna has to say to young learners who are thinking of jumping into creative pursuits:

  1. Learn because you want to learn

    In today’s day and age, all you can do is keep learning. Build a bucket of experiences from which you can draw inspiration

    While emphasising the importance of learning, Aparna has one strong suggestion for young adults. Learn because you want to learn and not in pursuit of a job.

    It’s important to understand that creativity is a process. And it cannot be taught. At the same time, as times keep changing, it’s important to keep yourself updated about the changes and developments in an industry. Here’s why you should keep learning, no matter how experienced you are:

    • Prepares you for the unexpected
    • Boosts your confidence
    • Offers different perspectives
  2. Repetition builds mastery

    Mastery is a great space to be in. You recognise that you always have something to learn and remain humble. No master will ever tell you that they know everything. They truly believe that learning is a lifelong journey.

    Hone your craft by doing apprenticeships or internships. Learn by doing! Practicing your creative skills in real environments help you to understand what a career in the field looks like. All the while you’re upgrading and updating your skills.

    How else can you build your creativity?

    • Make time to be creative

      It can be hard to make time for yourself at times. But to foster and build your skills, it is crucial. Maybe it’s after school, or perhaps early mornings. Maybe you prefer saving a large chunk of time during the weekend. Whatever the case, find time to get into your zone.

    • Find opportunities to challenge yourself

      Once you’ve hit a stride, the next step is to challenge yourself. Push your abilities to see what you produce. Is there an approach or style that you haven’t yet tried? Find opportunities to practice these new skills by taking on projects.

    • Fight your fear of failure

      It’s okay to have imperfect work. Or get stuck. Learning how to keep going afterward is just as important as strengthening your creative skills. Remind yourself that it’s okay to stumble and that it’s just a part of life. Building this resilience is essential to your creative process.

  3. Aspire to be the best you can be

    The world needs poets, artists, farmers. It needs everybody. Not just engineers and doctors.

    While it’s great to be inspired by people, find your own voice! Don’t try to emulate someone else’s journey or success. Craft your journey and stay true to your individuality. When you’re in the creative field, your perspective and voice is perhaps the most important thing in your arsenal.

    How do you find your voice?

    • Experiment

      Try something. Anything. And keep at it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not great at it. Making mistakes and failing is a part of the discovery process. Why should you keep trying? Because experimenting and particularly failing helps you understand what doesn’t work for you. And inches you closer to what does.

    • Make an inspiration board of your work

      When starting to find your creative voice, you might accidentally copy well-known styles. But having a visual to look to can help you make sure that you’re staying true to your style. Not quite there yet? Create a wall or a board that resembles styles that you’re leaning towards, and then experiment.

    • Nurture your creativity

      Show up. As much as you can. Leave yourself time to be creative and get into a flow. Not for a project you have to turn in, or for a deadline you have to meet. But for yourself. Nurturing your creative spark also means to step back and take a breather now and then.

Watch our full conversation with Aparna Vinod:


Your creativity is unique. When working on creative pursuits, it’s important to understand this so that you can leverage what you offer. To do so, you have to nurture and hone your creativity. Pick up new skills and practice to be the best version of yourself!

Do the arts excite you? Check out Aparna’s journey here and be inspired! For more on how we nurture young creative talent at Beyond 8, find us on our website, www.beyond8.in or talk to us on contact@beyond8.in

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