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At Beyond 8, almost every facilitator has been a practitioner of the subjects that they facilitate. As an outcome:

  • Our learners get a glimpse of what is relevant in whatever they learn, even while preparing for exams.
  • They focus on helping learners develop and practice the skills and attitudes that they will carry with them to thrive in a world that is changing ever so rapidly.

Where Teachers become Facilitators of Learning


Dr. Bhanu Shankar

English and Business Studies

Dr. Bhanu Shankar is a CELTA-certified educator from the British Council with a Doctorate in Political Economy from SMC (Switzerland). She has gathered experience in teaching, mentoring, and heading schools across the Middle East and India. She is the former Head of School, BVM International, and an external assessor for CENTA (Centre for Teacher Accreditation) since 2018. Bhanu Shankar describes herself as a lifelong learner and she enjoys reading, yoga, exploring philosophical ideologies, and meeting young people.


Chellappa Kizhathur Nadathur

Accounting and business studies

Chellappa Kizhathur Nadathur believes that every learner is unique and conceptual clarity firms up the foundation of learning. He started his journey in the field of finance as a B.Com graduate and went on to achieve multiple qualifications such as FCA, ACMA, and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). During his career, Chellappa has held senior finance positions across different industries such as shipping, oil and gas, and reinsurance across countries such as Holland, Tanzania, Malaysia, Singapore, and Belgium.


Devashree Vasu

Biology and Mass Communication

An alumna of Teach for India, Devashree Vasu is keen to make science simple and engaging for students. She grew up a curious student, questioning everything she was taught, and hence, passionately believes that every child is unique, and if given the right opportunity they can create magic in this world. She is qualified with an under graduate degree in Advanced zoology and biotechnology and a post graduate degree in Applied Microbiology. Devashree lives a sustainable lifestyle and strives to educate others around her about the same. In her spare time, she enjoys turtle walks and bird watching.


Manoj Reddy

Math and Physics

After three exciting decades of oil exploration in India and abroad, Manoj made the transition to his real calling - teaching. He taught Cambridge AS level geography at HLC International for a year, as it was a subject that was closely associated with his qualification in earth sciences (Geophysics). After this stint, he facilitated A level Physics. By this time Beyond 8 was born and he joined the team to facilitate Maths and Physics to IGCSE and AS/A level students. In his capacity as a facilitator, Manoj is committed to finding newer ways of delivering better sessions to the learners in this pandemic influenced ecosystem of online teaching.


Prathik Sudha Murali

Sociology, Economics, and History

A history buff, a poet, and a public speaker. Prathik is a man of many interests and skills. His love for philosophy often makes ponder over the question of human nature, its reason, and its depth.

Being an enthusiastic traveller, he has explored far and wide into the deep pockets of the country and discovered fascinating cultures and art. He has a keen interest in languages and is adept in Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, and Malayalam. His other love is ancient scriptures such as Pallava Grantha, Sharada, Brahmi, and Farsi. Currently, Prathik is pursuing a degree in manuscriptology.


Shanthi Venkatesh


Shanthi Venkatesh is a post-graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from REC, Trichy. Her vast experience in the field spans to about 20 years of teaching chemistry-based curricula in schools and colleges. As a former Academic Consultant in science clubs, Shanthi brings her creative bent of mind to making chemistry interesting for students. She plays an active role in running The Quester on YouTube where she demonstrates fun science experiments. In her spare time, Shanthi offers her services as a content creator to e-tuition centres.


Subalakshmi Harini Ramesh

Art and Design, Information Technology

As an alumna of HLC International, Subalakshmi Harini Ramesh has been long associated with the Beyond 8 family. She holds a degree in the field of Fashion and Art and runs a clothing business called Nerthi. Having been encouraged to always follow her passion and dreams from a young age, she hopes she can do the same to the learners at Beyond 8.


Subhashini Krishnan

Biology, Environmental Management, and Physical Education

Subhashini Krishnan is an ardent advocate for nature-based education in schools. As an individual with a passion and reverence for the environment, her experience in research spans the fields of zoology and ecology. She believes her role as a facilitator allows her to grow along with her students. Subhashini is enthusiastic to explore more novel ways of imparting education that makes learning a realistic and engaging experience.


Vimala Capirala

Interdisciplinary Sciences, Chemistry

Vimala Capirala is a person of many interests: Cosmology, Geochemistry, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Spirituality, Geopolitics, and Anthropology. She loves to collaborate with children on activity-based projects at Beyond 8. Apart from being a collaborative, nature-loving facilitator at Beyond 8, Vimala enjoys cooking, gardening, star gazing, meditating, reading, and organizing.

The future of education is here

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