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Beyond 8

We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.


Where Teachers become Facilitators of Learning


Dr. Bhanu Shankar

Dr Bhanu Shankar is a CELTA certified educator from the British Council with a Doctorate in Political Economy from SMC, Switzerland. She has experience across the Middle East and India in teaching, mentoring and heading schools. She is the former Head of School, BVM International. She is an external assessor for CENTA (Centre for Teacher Accreditation) since 2018. Bhanu Shankar nurtures and empowers teams in learning spaces and has been a reading volunteer at the Advent Christian Primary School both in Nilangarai and Injambakkam which are aided by the Government of Tamilnadu. Bhanu is a Certified Model United Nations Facilitator of THIMUN. An ELTReP Awardee of the British Council (2014), her paper on ‘Bilingual strategies to promote English language learning’ details the research process undertaken to promote reading. Bhanu Shankar describes herself as a lifelong learner who reassesses and reevaluates processes to make learning meaningful. She enjoys reading, yoga, exploring philosophical ideologies and meeting young people.


Subhashini Krishnan

With utmost reverence and responsibility towards nature, I am interested in practising and enabling nature-based education in school systems. Beyond8 acknowledges and encourages learning as a life-long journey. Not only does it give that opportunity to the students but also to the facilitators who build themselves as better learners along with their students. I joined this platform to try and understand news ways of imparting education that makes learning a realistic and enthused experience. With my knowledge and experience in the research field of zoology and ecology, I facilitate the subjects of Biology, Environmental Management, and Physical Education.


Subalakshmi Harini Ramesh

Hello! I am Subalakshmi Harini Ramesh. I facilitate Art and design at Beyond8. Beyond8 and its family are very close to me as I graduated from HLC International and I take pride in it. People around me have always told me to follow my dreams and passion. Beyond8 does the same with the learners here and it gives me more pleasure to be part of such a space where I get to share my knowledge. I have a degree in the field of Fashion and Art and being an Art teacher here has led me to learn more about this field. I run a small-time clothing business called Nerthi.



I’m Vimala, an avid dreamer, I like to find connections across all walks of life. I love Nature and constantly find ways to respect and nurture her. I‘m ever eager to learn and my interests are Cosmology, Geochemistry, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, spirituality, Geopolitics and Anthropology. I cherish my roles as daughter, mother and a facilitator. I enjoy teaching Chemistry and collaborating with children on activity-based projects. I’m hard working and like to keep things organized and simple. I like listening to people and enjoy being part of their life by giving suggestions or by extending possible help. I enjoy cooking, Gardening, Star Gazing, Meditating, movies, music, reading, cleaning and organizing.


Manoj Reddy

I was into oil exploration, having been active in Indian oil exploration for nearly two decades followed by nearly a decade of exploration in international offshore areas. After achieving a string of sizable oil discoveries in Australia, Indonesia, Mozambique and Brazil I closed my time in exploration due the severe downturn in the oil industry. Before joining Beyond8, I undertook to teach Cambridge AS level geography at HLC for a year, geography being closer to my qualification in earth sciences (Geophysics). Then towards the end of this time, I could also assist in facilitating the A level Physics. My love for teaching took wings during this time and I was more than happy to take up the challenges at Beyond8. By this time Beyond8 was shaping up from conception to reality and I joined the team to facilitate Maths and Physics to IGCSE and AS/A level students. I spend my time trying to find ways of delivering better sessions to the learners in this pandemic influenced ecosystem of online teaching.


Devashree Vasu

I am Devashree Vasu, a Teach for India Alum. I associate myself very close to nature, so my idea of a perfect weekend would belong to turtle walks, bird watching. In recent years, I have been working to live a sustainable lifestyle to save our Mother Earth.I believe science is all about experimenting and I love creating simple experiments for groundbreaking concepts so that children can experience whatever they learn. As a child, I was that one curious student who questions everything that has been taught. So, I grew up seeking answers to my own questions and wondering how can everyone fit into one system. I have been constantly striving to bring in the change so that no child feels left out. Each child is unique and if given the right opportunity they can create magic in this world.

We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

Beyond 8


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