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In8 Earth Internships in association with YouCAN and East-West Center Innovation Lab

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We are taking environmental education to where it needs to be: into the wild!

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What is the In8 Earth Internship Program?

The In8 Earth Internship Program is designed in collaboration with Beyond 8 to build new roles among young people to care for the planet. We do this by providing a space for them to identify and enhance their interests, and develop working knowledge and skills that are needed to further strengthen the environmental conservation movement.

The duration of the internships is tailored according to the availability of the interns' time and interests, and the requirement of the host organization that works in the space of environment, conservation and sustainability. It can range anywhere between 1 – 6 months. YouCAN serves as a catalyst to identify potential Earth interns, connects them with grassroots organizations, and mentors them to elevate their potential for change.

Why are ‘Earth’ Internship Programs needed?

The health of our planet depends on an environmentally conscious and action-oriented generation. We need to build new roles among citizens in all communities to make this happen. In this way, we can improve the health of our planet, not only for us but all life forms that share the space with us.

Who can apply to be an In8 Earth Intern?

Any individual above the age of 14 who is:

  • Highly passionate and motivated to participate in environmental conservation
  • Experienced in initiating community engagement activities such as, bringing a group together for any cause or a brief volunteering stint at an organization
  • Always up for learning new skills, gaining more knowledge, and experimenting with new approaches in any area of work
  • Professional, polite and communicative in their work

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The future of education is here

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