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Beyond 8 enables strong college-readiness by integrating curricular and co-curricular learning, as well as academic and experiential learning. Our students achieve specific learning outcomes that are essential for lasting success in work, citizenship and life.

Enrolment Open Now

Our facilitators and mentors put in a great deal of effort in creating personalised learning pathways for each of our learners. Therefore, we are able to accommodate only a limited number of learners every year. Apply early if you are considering enrolling in Beyond 8.

A Gift of Time for College & Career Readiness

Choosing the right college is one of the most critical decisions in a learners life. While most teenagers are excited about the prospect of going to college, many find themselves trapped in the wrong line of study.
By taking time off between high school and college, our learners gain the gift of time to seek college pathways aligned to their passions, enabling purposeful careers and meaningful lives.

The Path Ahead

What do we mean by college & career readiness?

Before taking crucial college & career decisions, our learners step out of the education systems' conformities to explore their dreams and experience the paths they wish to follow. They immerse themselves in diverse experiences of their interests, get mentored by industry experts & develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to succeed in their higher education pursuits.

Who is the Beyond 8 Bridge Program for?

The bridge program comes as a blessing for high school graduates who need time to take stock of how far they have come in their learning journeys and where they want to go next. It’s ideal for learners who wish to pursue a purposeful college education linked to their passions and future aspirations.

The Program

What happens in the Bridge Program?

We split the bridge program experience into four quarters with guided opportunities to discover, observe, explore and engage. Our learners use the experiential learning opportunity to pick up critical skills, knowledge and attitudes required to thrive. We have thoughtfully designed the program to simulate a slice of reality and what the learner wishes to experience

College & career readiness have changed dramatically

Sir Ken Robinson

Taking a bridge year was one of the wisest decisions I have made with respect to my education. It gave me the perspective I needed to understand what makes me feel driven and fulfilled in life. At Beyond 8’s Bridge Program, I was nothing short of Alice in Wonderland – every day was an incredible adventure! The buzzing work environment gave me a lot of insights into business, organizational culture, marketing, website flow, brand image and content management. I am also thankful for the guidance of my mentors who are gold standards in their respective fields. At the end of this program, I am ready to unleash the budding entrepreneur in me

- Namya

The Process

How does the Beyond 8 Bridge Program Work?

Our learners begin their journey with a dream mapping conversation - an intense exercise that gives us deep insights into their personality, attitudes and strengths. We identify the right learning strategies that could work and then help them advance towards his or her aspirations.

Beyond 8

Beyond 8 provides transformative pathways for high school learners to pursue the best collegiate liberal education in India & abroad.

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