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We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

Moving from fear of mathematics to joy of solving complex real-life problems?


Raaji Naveen

Dec 20, 2019


Moving from "fear of mathematics" to "joy of solving complex real-life problems"

From programming to computer science to controlling self-driven cars and designing cellphones, discrete mathematics forms a strong foundation.

However, when the context is removed and only the "basic routine" is given importance, the joy that one derives from solving complex real-life problems is replaced by "fear of math". Our Mathematics curriculum follows an "exercise" based approach where learners don't see any purpose in solving the problems other than getting an acceptable grade. Consequently, this capability of solving problems also seems to provide a fake security blanket in the learner's mind of being able to solve real problems in our surroundings. This is not true. A shift from an "exercise-based" approach to solving "real problems" is needed to bring back the joy in learning of mathematical concepts and the skill to solve complex real-life problems.

Through the Beyond 8 Tathastu - Expert sessions, we are nudging learners to broaden their horizons and understand the context before zeroing in on the method. While Ragavan Manian, a Tathastu Expert Speaker in an earlier session, spoke about the myriad connections between Mathematics and Music, this week's Tathastu Expert Speaker, Dr. Arun Janarthanan, will take the first-principles-thinking approach to connect school math with how cellphones and computers work.

If you too know a person with math phobia and are wondering how to bring in the joy of learning maths, join our 2-hour expert interaction session, this Saturday, at 10.00 am with Dr. Arun Janarthanan, Founder, The Children Of Indus Valley Trust and Senior Staff, Qualcomm Chip Design.

We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

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