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We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

Life Lessons Students Can Learn From Suresh Sambandam.


Nanditha Ravindar

Jan 03, 2020


In today’s age of changing technology and increasing opportunities, more and more students are choosing to become entrepreneurs and to build something on their own rather than seeking traditional jobs. But what does it take to start from scratch and build a company?

We asked Suresh Sambandam, Founder & CEO of OrangeScape Technologies – the man who built a multi-million dollar business even without going to college, to share his life-lessons with students.. Here are some of the lessons he shared at Tathastu, the 2-hour Expert Interaction session for students 14 years and above.

As a student, Suresh was far from being a scholastic topper. Though he was interested in attending college, financial issues at home led him into managing a family-owned business right out of school. Fortunately for Suresh, managing a business at a very young age exposed him to diverse learning experiences that helped him develop confidence and build street cred.

The 3 driving forces behind Suresh's success:

With a room filled with a fully engaged audience, Suresh shared his life lessons starting with the three driving forces behind Suresh’s success.

1. Have A Perennial Curiosity

As a child Suresh was perennially curious; he always questioned things around him; once he got his answers, he had more questions. He read voraciously to learn more about everything that interested him. His curiosity for learning had a compounding effect - helping him shed his fears and become the man he is today.

2. Each day create a better version of yourself

Suresh has an infectious desire to make a better himself every day. He believes that all of us have the power to create the best version of ourselves by improving just a little each day. Small improvements we experience each day will feed on each other, build momentum leading to big changes. In fact, when Suresh was young, he casually took up typewriting class along with his friends in Cuddalore. It was at this class he discovered his passion for writing programs. His knowledge of programming and business then opened up numerous possibilities for him later on

3. Shed your fears, there is nothing to be scared about

Students often fear and hesitate to ask questions. Suresh believes that behind every question there is a learning opportunity and when we hesitate to ask questions – our fears become the breaking point in learning. With each question, knowledge can only improve. As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes; but he who does not remains a fool forever.”

An advice every student needs to hear: The 3 driving forces behind Suresh's success:

Instead of waiting for a job, Suresh invites students to explore their full human potential and become a nation builder; in other words, an entrepreneur. He also gives a simple 3-step framework for students to build an entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Be curious and find a problem that many people face
  • Come up with a unique solution for the said problem
  • Trade that solution for money by coming up with a value proposition

Although a lot of people get stuck before reaching the final stage, he feels that entrepreneurs are problem solvers and nation builders as they make the economy work. Suresh strongly believes that it's only through entrepreneurship that a person can explore their full human potential - by being involved in all aspects of a business and that entrepreneurs make for responsible citizens.

Suresh warns success will not happen overnight; it will be a process of trial and error. However, he gives 4 guiding principles that will help students to stay on the right path.

1. Chase A Passion Instead of Money

Suresh urges students to get themselves exposed to a wide range of areas in order to find their passion. The focus should be identifying what kind of things one enjoys doing, build expertise in that field, and sticking to it with perseverance until once succeeds. He cautions students against making their journeys purely about money-making

2. Run your own race

The only person you need to impress should be yourself. The only person you should try to better is who you were yesterday. Suresh encourages students to run their own race and follow their own unique journey, rather than falling into the comparison trap.

3. Pick the journey, happiness will follow

Suresh advises warns students not to be obsessed with the outcomes without falling in love with the journey. He fears too many of us live with the fallacy that money can buy happiness and wants students to pick happiness over money.

4. In what whatever you do, be ethical

Suresh advises students that people should not be hurt in the process of entrepreneurship. While unintentional mistakes are allowed, intentional mistakes are not!

In Conclusion:

If there is only one thing that you want to take away from his session, then this must be it; Suresh’s emphasis on the need to gain a range of skills, knowledge and attitude to led fulfilling lives.

“Today's school education is broken. As parents, the best you can do to your kids is to give exposure. There is nothing valuable to your kids than exposure to real-life situations, connections to people, learning by doing etc rather than studying in top grade institutions.” Suresh Sambandam

At Beyond 8, we believe that each student must be given the freedom to dream and follow their own paths. To fuel their passions and help them make informed decisions, we host a series of expert talks every Saturday between 10.00 am and 12 noon. To know about these sessions please visit beyond8.in*

We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

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