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We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

Education Reform: The Need of the Hour


Namya Chandramouleeswaran

Feb 28, 2020


200 years we have been ignorant. 200 years we have been blinded. 200 years we have been failing our future generation. As a result, we have been oppressed from using our creativity, from following our passion and we have all fallen into the rat race not knowing where we are headed. Is there even a finish line to this madness?

The problem lies solely with the education system of 200 years past. In a fast-moving world of automation and technology, the majority of the knowledge gained from the current textbooks is just redundant.

We all know this is a problem right in our face. We complain to each other. We argue with the school. We force our kids to do more. We rush to put them in the “best” schools to get that tiny advantage. But, should this be the case?

We hear your voice and want to empower your opinion to better change the education system. We do this by Talking About Learning and Education in Schools (TALES).

TALES is a curated panel of industry experts, school leaders, teachers, students and parents, who come together to learn, share and discuss the current & emerging trends in learning and education.

In this edition, our panel will deliberate on “What would it take to fix our educational system?”. With representation from education, arts, legal, sustainability, sports, healthcare & entrepreneurship, each of our panelists will lend their unique perspectives to the subject.

We believe change starts with the right mindset. We have Mallika Ganapathy and Priyanka Venkataramani addressing mental health in children, parents, and educators. With the right mindset, we hope students would be self-driven and happy with what they choose to pursue.

As a kid, we only want to play. Playing and fitness is an integral part of learning. Sports boost a student’s confidence, mood and fosters healthy competition. To address this aspect of education, we have Basu Shanker and Ganesh Prabhu to lend their opinion on how educational institutions should be mindful of this. Playing for some would mean expressing their joy through the art forms. We have Ragavan Manian to jazz this conversation up!

A happy and active kid is the seed for growth. To water this growth, we have Lily Sengupta and Merlia Shaukauth talking about social responsibility and the need to give back to society and work selflessly towards a bigger vision.

Only now, do we even want to bring academic learning into the picture! We have Balaji Sampath and Naveen Mahesh rendering their opinions on how to make learning fun, practical and more importantly useful.

Now, all of this learning needs to be put to use and the students should emerge as self-driven individuals with a purpose in life. Tariq Akbar would be closing the loop and talking about industrialist needs and exposing world trends in the working sector.

However, all of this is only possible in an environment that fosters this growth. K Ramnath Chandrasekhar is a conservation educator who is using his wonderful photographs & films to address its complex conservation issues and to to build empathy among the society.

The future is ours to change and it starts with a better education. So take the first step forward and come be part of this discussion!

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We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

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