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We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

Entrepreneurship: A Shot At Happiness


Naveen Mahesh

Jan 02, 2020


"A shot at happiness"

Entrepreneurs have a special skill and are driven to create something. Their passion drives them to wake up excited every single day and making it count. Going to college and getting a Degree doesn't have this sense of purpose or immediacy.

College education is more of an exploration; a period to cultivate and develop one's intellect. Also, it is necessary to differentiate the credential one gets from a College Certificate from learning something in-depth through self-direction, interest and application. Knowledge is always helpful.

"But a Degree? It’s a toss up. If it's the only achievement a person will have, then perhaps yes. This is in fact the state that describes most 22+ year olds. Have a degree, in most cases, worthless, and haven’t received much else from their education. And with every working year, the Degree starts to lose value and relevance."

In 5 years, all of what is learnt at University is irrelevant - assuming it was relevant to begin with - and most of what the individual is valued for will only be based on what he or she did in the 5 years after acquiring that degree.

Entrepreneurs, however, have to get going from the word ‘go.’ Often, they acquire valuable knowledge and skill everyday and yet stand a slim success rate. But like I said, it’s fun and despite all the risks associated with it, entrepreneurs have a real chance at creating lasting happiness and wealth for themselves and others.

We are not an alternative school.
We are the alternative to schooling.

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